Turnaround, Interim & Change Management

Turnaround, Interim & Change Management

Turnaround and crisis situations are often the most difficult jobs that managers get involved in.

By their very nature, crisis managers deal with problems that have remained unsolved by previous managers. Providing effective management in the face of serious problems is quite different from a normal management job. Furthermore, the presence of a temporary manager always creates apprehension on the part of most employees which makes the management job even more difficult.

Crisis Management is interim management for the purpose of dealing with a specific unexpected event, often catastrophic. A Crisis Manager shall either take over management, or else provide assistance and advice to existing management.

Crisis Managers are involved in a whole set of problems that managers in normal situations only have nightmares about.

1. They have to define acceptable goals as any other manager, but what are acceptable goals in a corporation that is in bad shape?

2. They make an assessment of where they are, but how can you accurately assess where you are if your employees think that you are merely interested in slashing their jobs?

3. They formulate and execute a recovery plan, but given the failure of the company and officers to achieve acceptable results in the past, how can their skills be relied upon?

A Crisis Manager must possess a combination of skills in order to be successful:

1. Solid management skills that include not just routine management experience but also proven abilities to manage successfully in a turbulent situation.

2. Vision that encompasses the various interests of stockholders, management, employees, creditors, and possibly regulators or other external parties.

3. Analytical skills to quickly size-up problems and determine what changes need to be made in the organization.

4. Diplomatic skills to obtain the cooperation of employees and others needed to implement change strategies.

5. Personal character, ethics, integrity, discipline, charisma, and courage to act as "an army of one" when necessary to implement needed changes, often playing the lonely guy.

6. Availability to begin the job on extremely short notice, provide the management services onsite, and serve for a flexible but usually short period of time.

7. Act immediately as the situation is going to deteriorate

8. Willing to take risk, as it could be too late to start trying.

Few people possess all these characteristics just in one and even fewer are available or willing to do the job on their own.

Ed Van Lier has an established record as a highly respected management and financial professional. With experience and interventions in various industries, situations and companies such as Eternit, UCB, Belgacom, Stanley, Randstad, Banksys and others, Ed possesses a truly unique background that provides a strong foundation for the mastery of any management task, no matter how difficult or delicate.

As CFO and in every position that he has held in his 35-year career, Ed Van Lier has instituted significant improvements in operations, efficiency, profitability, processes, structure, communication and team-work. These abilities were of particular importance during a recent two years period of heavy restructuring and struggle at an ailing industrial printing company. Accurate business plans, convincing actions and negotiations with customers, suppliers, unions, banks, government and court were necessary to work out a global solution, involving a merger, legal protection and refinancing.

Ed also has significant training and educational experience through his role as professor. He also has a great deal of positive experience in company evaluation and portfolio management, for which he has developed a specific, US patented approach and methodology.

His skills are transferable and useful in any challenging management situation.


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